The Beginning of The End

The year is wrapping up quickly! Students are making summer plans and simultaneously trying to survive end-of-the-year work loads and spend as much time as possible together, enjoying one another in the time we have left.

We’ve also been busy working in the garden, cleaning it up, spreading compost, and planting new blackberry bushes, strawberries, and flowers. We are also awaiting the arrival of two peach trees to add to our garden this year!

It’s funny looking at pictures of ourselves from the Fall and realizing how far we have come, individually and as a group. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll find some time to reflect on that growth together and celebrate!

And finally, we’re hosting an outdoor movie on Sunday night, with a small cookout starting at 6:30 and the movie starting at 8. Come join us, and BYOBlanket or chair! Hope to see you there!Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.50.05 AM


The Stories That Shape Us, Part 3

Last night we were privileged to hear from Mrs. Regina Jones at the third and final installment of the Beaver Falls Lecture Series. Regina grew up here in Beaver Falls and enjoyed a wonderful and vibrant childhood here. She is married to our police chief and together they have raised their children here. Regina has been an English teacher at the middle school and high school and spoke of the teachers who have shaped and encouraged her in her life. Now, Regina works to inspire her students and encourages them to tell more positive stories about Beaver Falls. She deeply believes that Beaver Falls can become the thriving community she remembers from her childhood, but that revitalization begins with the stories we tell about our community.

Thank you to Regina  for sharing her stories with us, and for the reminder, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!”

Thanks to everyone who came out for the lecture series! We hope remembering and reflecting on these stories has filled you with pride for the past and hope for the future of Beaver Falls!

The Stories That Shape Us, Part 2

Last night was the second installment of our Beaver Falls lecture series. Rick Davis, who grew up here before moving to Atlanta in 1984, shared with us his experience growing up in the “golden years” of Beaver Falls. Here, his heroes taught him the fundamentals of leadership, hard work, selflessness, and positivity. His love for Beaver Falls has not dwindled over the years, but exudes from his being. Everyone who knows him knows how grateful he is for his roots in this community. In his own words, Beaver Falls was the best place in the world to grow up. It was “the center of the universe”.

Thanks to Rick for sharing his story with us and all the lessons Beaver Falls and its everyday citizens and heroes taught him!

The third and final installment will feature Regina Jones and is to be held Wednesday, April 13th at 6 PM in the basement of the Carnegie Free Library.

The Stories That Shape Us, Part 1

Last night was the first installment of the Beaver Falls lecture series: The Stories that Shape Us. The first speaker was Mr. Rocky Washington Jr, who was raised in Beaver Falls and attended Beaver Falls schools. He shared an honest and hopeful account of how the education, economy, community, and race relations of this place have shaped him for better and for worse, but primarily for the better. He was able to articulate so many of the unique strengths of this community, as well as the unique challenges we face. One of the strengths of this community that he shared is the opportunity to learn how to live in harmony with a diverse community of people, as the population of Beaver Falls, covers a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and race. Rocky pointed to the signs of hope around us, including new small businesses popping up in our downtown. He reminded us that no community is perfect, and in Beaver Falls we certainly have our challenges, but this is a good community worth investing in and loving.

Our thanks to Rocky for sharing such an inspiring story with us and making us proud to be part of this wonderful community!

The second installment will be on Wednesday, March 30th at 6 PM in the basement of the library and feature Mr. Rick Davis sharing his Beaver Falls story.

Saturday Sundaes

This past Saturday we hosted an Open House, featuring Sundaes and much, much more!

This was an opportunity for students to stop by and learn what we at City House are all about, and to experience a taste of what life there can be like.

Our guests were invited to join us for ice cream with a plethora of toppings, create art on our chalkboard wall, play games and video games, create origami, and watch Up, projected onto a big screen.

Thanks to those who came out and made it a fun night! And if you missed us, don’t worry! We’d love to have you down to hang out! Contact us through our Facebook page or by email at

You can also apply to live here during the 2016-2017 school year at

City House Happenings

Here’s a bit of what City House has been up to recently!

We have been enjoying the wintry days with a trip to the ice skating rink at Brady’s Run and building snowmen. Students have also been busy baking. It’s not unusual to walk into the kitchen to find a warm loaf of banana bread or a plate of cookies. We have also moved our fish tank into the dining room to make them more a part of the family.

On the more springlike days of late, we’ve been seeing and catching up with our neighbors as we all get out and about more. The neighborhood kids are back on their bikes, riding up and down the street, filling it with laughter.

We’ve had quite a few guests over recently, as well. Last week Geneva President Bill Edgar came down for a tour of our house. We’ve had many dinner guests, including a group of six students who attended the Jubilee conference this past weekend. They came to share their experience with us and talk about engaging culture in ways that are kingdom-building, working toward the redemption of the world: a vision City House shares with these students.

This coming weekend, we are hosting and open house from 7:30-9:30, with ice cream, games, crafts, and the classic movie Toy Story. We are excited to invite students into our home and introduce them to what we are all about!

That’s all for now!