Generally, home for me feels like being wrapped up in love and security and is where I am in close communion with loved ones and with God. I find home, therefore, in a variety of places. Most of my impressions of love and security took root in my home in Mechanicsburg, with my family, and my tight-knit group of friends and my church. As I have gone to college and come to forge deep relationships and grown and learned the meaning and significance of love for a place here in Beaver Falls this has also become a home to me. My college home has even become split into two separate homes, one on campus with dear friends, and one here at the house with people and experiences that have also come to mean a great deal to me. As dear friends and family members have moved to different parts of the country or world a piece of home for me goes with them. Therefore, my home is scattered, and it is easy to feel homeless, because no matter where I go part of my home is absent, elsewhere, and I am missing.





Beaver Falls Hydro Plant

Last week we went on a field trip to the Beaver Falls Hydro Plant.  We took a tour of the building, got to take a look at the impressive machinery hidden in that nondescript building, and learned about the fascinating process of using the river to produce electricity.  It was so interesting!




Rapid update.

Due to technical difficulties, this post is long overdue.  Here’s a quick update on the last couple months, in pictures.  Here’s what we’ve been up to….


…having a smashing Christmas Cookie and Caroling Extravaganza with some neighbors

...celebrating some birthdays.

…celebrating some birthdays.


…spending a weekend with Joel Repic at Aliqiuppa Impact…


…which featured exquisite meals at Uncommon Grounds, times of deep, challenging discussions, communal prayer, and a hysterical game of “silent football”.

VOILA!  the brand new edition to the City House. I give you, the fire escape.
When the cold gets tough, the tough get some snowball-baseball going.

Stay tuned for more posts about our recent happenings. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy!