Retreat, Refresh, Recommit: Good times in Aliquippa


This past weekend City Housers went on a retreat to Aliquippa to spend time with our friend, Herb Bailey, of the Uncommon Grounds Cafe.

We braved the snow to get there, but were welcomed into the warm cafe and greeted with delicious food while Herb told us the story of the cafe and the town of Aliquippa, another Beaver County steel town.

We were challenged to stop and see, to listen to the stories of the people around us as we acted out the story of the bleeding woman found in Mark 5:21-43 .

After, we went back to the Community of Celebration’s All Saints House, where we were staying for some good old junk food, an intense game of spoons, and a hilarious game of psychiatrist, featuring all of us doing our best impressions of one another.

In the morning we went back to the cafe for a round of big breakfasts and imagined together what the kingdom of God would look like, smell like, sound like, taste like, if it came to Beaver Falls. We, as a group, were moved to engage more deeply in our neighborhood and our city and brainstormed a list of goals we are committed to for the rest of our semester semester.

Thanks to Herb for facilitating our time! It was great to get away and think deeply together about what it means for us, in our particular place, to live as ambassadors of the kingdom of God.

Also, as promised, here is a picture of the chalkboard: now fully operational!



New Semester!

Happy 2016! Its a new semester full of newness at the City House. The house feels alive again after a quiet break over the holidays, and as students returned they greeted one another with the warmth of familiarity and friendship. We now look back and laugh on the first few weeks when we didn’t know each other yet and felt awkward.

There are two new faces at the the City House this year: Luke and Madelyn, and we are so excited to have them! Students are settling into new schedules and rhythms for the semester ahead. In our class this semester we are studying the importance of Place: why places matter and how we shape them and they, in turn, shape us. We will spend quite a bit of time getting t know our place, Beaver Falls, more intimately as well.

In other news, we have an exciting new addition to our dining room: A wall of blackboard paint! (Pictures to be posted when it’s fully operational!)

Those are the updates for now! Looking forward to sharing some great City House moments with you in the semester ahead!