City House Happenings

Here’s a bit of what City House has been up to recently!

We have been enjoying the wintry days with a trip to the ice skating rink at Brady’s Run and building snowmen. Students have also been busy baking. It’s not unusual to walk into the kitchen to find a warm loaf of banana bread or a plate of cookies. We have also moved our fish tank into the dining room to make them more a part of the family.

On the more springlike days of late, we’ve been seeing and catching up with our neighbors as we all get out and about more. The neighborhood kids are back on their bikes, riding up and down the street, filling it with laughter.

We’ve had quite a few guests over recently, as well. Last week Geneva President Bill Edgar came down for a tour of our house. We’ve had many dinner guests, including a group of six students who attended the Jubilee conference this past weekend. They came to share their experience with us and talk about engaging culture in ways that are kingdom-building, working toward the redemption of the world: a vision City House shares with these students.

This coming weekend, we are hosting and open house from 7:30-9:30, with ice cream, games, crafts, and the classic movie Toy Story. We are excited to invite students into our home and introduce them to what we are all about!

That’s all for now!


Beyond the Bubble

Recently, I was sitting in BFCAT with City House student Luke Thompson, as he shared how his time in City House, particularly the practice of walking to and from campus, is challenging him to be more outwardly focused. I knew just what he meant.

As college students, everything we could possibly need is provided on one plot of land, or else is down the road at Walmart. We are encouraged to spend those four years focusing on ourselves: our academics, our extracurriculars, our friends, our resume-building experiences. We live in a community of other people also focused on their own stuff, and so we find ourselves caught in a homogenous, self-focused community, where the majority of us are white and middle class and in our late teens/early twenties. At Geneva, this is referred to as the “Geneva Bubble.” Over time, we begin to lose our ability to see and imagine the world beyond our bubble.

I lived my first two years of college caught in this mindset, though it wasn’t until I moved off campus, into the City House, that I realized it. Slowly, as I participated in the daily rhythms of a community that included people of various ages, personalities, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and life experiences I began to be more aware of stories other than my own. My perspective has shifted…broadened. A new level of awareness of, and compassion towards those around me was awakened in me. The world, now, seems much bigger and more beautiful than before, and there is a comfort in the realization that its not all about me. There is so much more to discover and delight in, if we just take the chance to go beyond the bubble.


-Janelle (Resident Director)