The Stories That Shape Us, Part 3

Last night we were privileged to hear from Mrs. Regina Jones at the third and final installment of the Beaver Falls Lecture Series. Regina grew up here in Beaver Falls and enjoyed a wonderful and vibrant childhood here. She is married to our police chief and together they have raised their children here. Regina has been an English teacher at the middle school and high school and spoke of the teachers who have shaped and encouraged her in her life. Now, Regina works to inspire her students and encourages them to tell more positive stories about Beaver Falls. She deeply believes that Beaver Falls can become the thriving community she remembers from her childhood, but that revitalization begins with the stories we tell about our community.

Thank you to Regina  for sharing her stories with us, and for the reminder, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!”

Thanks to everyone who came out for the lecture series! We hope remembering and reflecting on these stories has filled you with pride for the past and hope for the future of Beaver Falls!


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